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My educational background includes a BSEE/MSEE from the University of Texas at Austin. I have been in the software business since 1981 and have particular expertise in application development. My interests include OOP, Java, Ruby, C++, Perl, design patterns, and frameworks. I have been working at HyPerformix (formerly SES) since 1989 on both Windows and Unix. I have a theraputical blog Order In The Software Universe, covering software design, coding, and user interfaces.

I spent many years maintaining a C++ Tips-of-the-Day, which is a read-onlyemail list. Having moved onto other languages and technologies, that effort has been retired, but remains up for all you Googlers to enjoy. Over the years I have amassed the best of assorted humor that has come my way (warning: it is not all office friendly).

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Component Design Patterns
ACM's Patterns/Articles
Robert Martin's Articles
Portland Pattern Repository
Hillside Patterns Home Page
Patterns FTP
Patterns for Business Transaction Processsing
Wiki Wiki Web
Ralph Johnson's Home Page
Doug Schmidt's Home Page
Herb Sutter's C++ Guru of the Week
Andrei Alexandrescu's Home Page

C++ Information

C++ Tip-of-the-Day
Deitmar Kuehl's Streams Info
C++ Virtual Library
Nov '96 C++ Working Draft
Apr '95 C++ Working Draft (zipped WinHelp version)
Cay Horstmann's "Safe STL"
Scott Meyers Home Page
Brad Appleton's C++ Links
DinkumWare Standard C++ Library Reference
Bjarne Stroustrup's Home Page
Stepanov's Template Byte article
SGI's STL guide
Bruce Eckel's OO Resources
Assoc of C and C++ Users (book recommendations)
C++/Java SIG Resources
Comeau's C++/C FAQ
OO Numerics
STL Error Decryptor

C++ Tutorials

Globewide Network Academy OOP-C++ Tutorial
Introduction to C++ tutorial
Standard Template Library
zipped WinHelp version STL tutorial
Programming Tutorials
Object Ideas Tutorials

C++/OOP Sites

Cetus C++ Links
Devx Forum
PJ Plauger's C++ Site
Yahoo C++ sites
Glen McCluskey's C++/Java Resources
Assoc C and C++ Users
Jack Reeve's C++ Columns
Top Coder (OO Programming Contests)

Newsletters and Magazines

Windows/MFC Information

C++ and Java Coding Conventions


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